LEGO set 1236 (1956 - Dk)

This is an old Danish set from 1956. The door is of the second type (red door / white frame with partial wings for slotted bricks). The windows are also for slotted bricks, without glass.

The brick types are depicted above and are 1x1vs01; 1x2vs03; and 1x8vs01. The roof plates are vs01.

Besides the baseplate; door with frame, two windows, two 6x8 early thin plates and one 2x8 thin plate (seen in the figure on top), the complement of bricks is:

-1x2 red - 16;

-1x1 white- 6;

-1x2 white- 26;

-1x8- 3 (of which one imprinted with "GARAGE" in black)

See also here a page with a 1955 set with an older door type.


The figures below show the leaflet and the box of this particular set, sold in the Danish market in 1956. One of the flap tops is open and rotated to depict the set number. The only diferences between the sets sold in Denmark and Sweden lie in the language of the leaflet and on the script on both sides of the box ("System i leg..." in Denmark and "System i lek" in Sweden).


João Manuel Mimoso, February 10, 2010
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