LEGO set 1236 (1955 - Dk; S)

This is an old Danish set from 1955. The door is the first type (for slotted bricks). The windows are also for slotted bricks, without glass.

The brick types are depicted above and are 1x1vs01; 1x2vs03; and 1x8vs01. The roof plates are vs01.

Besides the baseplate; door with frame, two windows, two 6x8 early thin plates and one 2x8 thin plate (seen in the figure on top), the complement of bricks is:

-1x2 red - 16 (of which 5 are not slotted);

-1x1 white- 6;

-1x2 white- 26 (of which 6 are not slotted)

-1x8- 3 (of which one imprinted with "GARAGE" in red)

The set needs at least two slotted red bricks and 8 slotted white bricks to be mountable (of which one for each window). But it may use a slightly different balance of 1x1 and 1x2 white bricks although the one present seems the most logic. The set was complete except for two missing 1x2 bricks that were added from stock in the same versions and mold numbers as those present.

All the bricks are of the same type and subtype. Codes seen in the 1x2 white bricks were: (none), 2, 13 and 14 (slotted); 5, 6, 8, 9 (unslotted).


The figures below show the box. On top the front of the box of this particular set, sold in the Danish market in 1955. One of the flap tops is open and rotated to depict the set number and the price: 2.65 Danish Crowns.

The second image is of the underside of the box, again with one of the flaps open. A point to note is that it bears a note that means "fully automatic rotating door" which is the same as in Set 1235 but is not wholly appropriate in this case because the set includes much more than just the door system. This solution was merely a cost-cutter.

This particular set seems to have been sold only in Denmark and Sweden. The only differences between the sets sold in both countries lie in the language of the leaflet and both sides of the box (see the last image) which bear "System i leg..." in Denmark and "System i lek" in Sweden.


João Manuel Mimoso, November 03, 2009
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