LEGO set 1235 (1955 - Dk)

This is an old Danish set from 1955. The door is the first type (for slotted bricks). The floorplate is cream coloured (probably it was originally off-white but the colour changed over time). The figure above shows two exactly identical bases, from above and underneath and the detail shows the dogbone logo "LEGO / ENERET" that characterizes this version.


The complement of the set is: one door with frame for slotted bricks, as above; and one floor plate.

The figure below shows the front of the box of this particular set, sold in the Danish market in 1955/ 56. One of the flap tops is open and rotated to depict the set number. Sets sold in 1956 had a diferent door type in which the wings were not complete.

The underside of the box and the sides are exactly as in Set 1236.

This particular set seems to have been sold only in Denmark and Sweden. The only differences between the sets sold in both countries lie in the language of both sides of the box which bear "System i leg..." in Denmark and "System i lek" in Sweden.


João Manuel Mimoso, November 03, 2009
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