Picture by Carlos Fonseca (April 1978)
DER FRÜHE MERCEDES 170V (1936-1938)

Hello, my name is Joao-Manuel Mimoso, from Portugal. Thirty years ago I bought the 4-door 1937 170V (Motor nr 159 740) above right, seen in the picture taken in early 1978 side by side with my friend Carlos Fonseca's own 1937 170V. For the following decades I tried unsuccessfully to find a 2-door sedan or a roadster. And so, in the year when my car completed 70 years out of the Sindelfingen works to be exported to Portugal in February of 1937, I decided to restore it.

Looking for data on several constructive details of the four-door model, I found lots of conflicting or missing information. To complicate matters further, export cars were not exact clones of the models sold in Germany. Carlos Fonseca, who owned the beautiful grey 170V seen above left, is an authority as regards many aspects of the model and taught me a lot about the matter. I put up all other information I could find, mostly from original Mercedes or other contemporary sources. I hope the data below may be of help to others and welcome any verified information that may help complete the picture.

I will often use the data on the Spare Parts Lists (Ersatzteilliste) of which Editions (Ausgaben) A, B and C are of interest to us. Each edition applies to a number of car series (Reihen) that represent minor mechanical evolutions of the model and are identified by the Series Order Number (Reihen Bestellnummer or RB for short) stamped on the left hand motor side adjacent to the oil filler spout. Ersatzteilliste 136 Ausgabe A was published on June 20, 1936 and applies from the RB 10 36 01 to RB 10 36 04. Ausgabe B was published on March 19, 1937 and covers RB 10 36 05 to RB 10 36 08. Ausgabe C dated April 25, 1938 covers RB 10136 009 to 10136 016. My car is RB 10 36 07/08 meaning it is an hybrid of two consecutive Reihen to which Edition B applies.

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