LEGO set 1212 (Small house) 1955
SET 1212- Denmark, Sweden, Norway 1955/56

This is a set sold in Denmark in 1955 or 1956.

The contents were:

- two 4X8 left plates in vs01, as above;

- one door and one window for slotted bricks (vs03) as above;

- one 1X8 vs01 white beam;

- three 1X2vs02 macaroni bricks (a mix of open and closed skirt);

- five 1X2 vs03 white bricks slotted;

- four 1X1 vs01 square white bricks;

- four 1X1 vs01 round blue bricks.

NOTES: This set was sold in Denmark as show the box cover and leaflet;

The authenticity of the contents is not guaranteed. The box and contents are in excellent condition (the bricks are unused). All mold versions are consistent with a 1955 date.

João Manuel Mimoso, Lisbon, Portugal. November 28, 2009
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